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Emma Skulley
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
17 years-old girl who like to spend time to draw and sleep.

I'm more active on my Facebook page, for those who would see more of my art!

You can also follow me on:



- TUMBLR (not posting a lot tho) =>

- PIXIV =>…

I still don't do Commissions. But I'll surely open something bout them. I guess.

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:Improvment meme 2009 - 2015: by Nacura-G
:Improvment meme 2009 - 2015:
Wow six years that I've been drawing (even more, but the drawings I made before weren't scanned and I didn't wanted to make effort, you know. Ahah.)
By the way I think my english is pretty broken on the picture, and I can't figure out why, I generally lose my words when I'm under stress.... Yeah whatever.

It has been a while since I haven't touched a pencil btw, watercolor was something I used to do before, but now my mind is entirely devoted to digital medias.
I sued to draw A LOT when I was thirteen and fourteen. Actually I think my less productive year is the current one. It's my first year in university so I'm stressed and tired for nothing, and my imagination left me for some reasons. My mind is fine and I have plenty of things I wanna do, but my hands don't wanna draw much (writing down my lessons is something else somehow, I manage to do that). Can't be helped.

I saw people who made huge progress in a really short time... I don't think my artstyle evolved pretty quickly, I think I'm taking my time. It doesn't matter how old I am, there are younger people who are even more 'talented', but I'm enjoying myself. I'm proud of my drawings, of the path I took, of my mind. Pride is good sometimes o(-<
:Halloween: by Nacura-G
Ahah sorry for the crappy quality, it's all due to the jpeg format, but whatever, too lazy to change ahah!!

I like this kind of artstyle, it's really simplier than my original artstyle in a way, but I like it anyway. Maybe if I train enough, it could look like some kind of anime artwork or stuff like that, you know. Ahah...
By the way, I finally managed to draw something complete for Halloween...! It was both for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, which I find quite more appealing. The colors, the atmosphere... It's not here to be spoopy, so it's great to me.
But the picture ended up with a orange-like atmosphere so WHATEVER it's also for Halloween, whatever. 
And these are not rice balls btw it's marigolds, it doesn't look like it but... yeah right whatev.

Actually, Dia de los Muertos would have been great since all my OCs are dead, but my main protagonist had no one left to cry his death, and I didn't wanted to draw my others OCs relatives... So in the end, I just took another OC I liked (especially because I can draw him pretty quickly compared to the others) and made him a costume for the occasion. He's even holding a Pan de Muertos in his hands but he's gonna eat it by himself. Sorry my boy.

Hope you'll like it by the way, and have a great Halloween night!
::Yura Yura:: by Nacura-G
::Yura Yura::
An illustration I have done for Kaneira's birthday cover; the middle character is her true self, and the two others her most beloved OCs (Machiko at her right, Kaneira at her left).
I drew some plushies of the characters she loved the most, I should have drawn more than only eleven, but I was lacking time and energy, and space too-

Anyway! You can find her cover right here (On NicoVideo): 
[There'll be a YT post in several days, if you can't watch it on NND]

Her Twitter :
:Cocytus: by Nacura-G
Oh, well, Cocytus looks way more comfy that it looked back in Dante's Divine Comedy

I spent an enormous amount of time on this drawing, and, I am proud of it, I really am, but I feel like I spent to much time for what it is. There's not much in it, the background is completly empty, but it tooks me three to four hours per day since Tuesday (I haven't worked on it Wednseday 'cause no time for this, tired, homework, nggh). I don't know, maybe I'm overthinking.

But, by the way, the more I read Saint Young Men the more I was thinking about my own Lucifer, who has no human form because all I could imagine for him was a unicorn form (because Lucifer loves unicorns, of course, why the fuck not). Soo... I was inspired by Michael and Lucifer from SYM looks for the hair especially (and his pants because it's shiny yes), but in the end I suppose it's okay? He's not so close to the Saint Young Men's Lucifer, and his personality is completly different, I suppose. But, okay.

Cocytus is the last Circle of Hell where Lucifer is -supposed- to be. But let's put a sofa in that cold area to have some comfort, right? Not for those damned they don't deserve it, but Lucifer is doing a great job so why wouldn't he have some comfort?

This is pretty off of the subject, but the sofa is "weird", I mean, I never saw something as selfish as this sofa. there's  two places and only one of the two can completly chill (no pun intended).
Lucifer's New Groove, I suppose.

Lucifer is "not" mine, but this one is, so don't steal!
:Judas: by Nacura-G
Woaah I haven't post for a moment and I only came back to post a blank fullbody of a character who's not even mine
I'm actually a bit disapointed... I wanted to spend my weekend all alone so I could draw something complexe, but the first drawing I made wasn't so good to me, and this one is just, better in a way.

Both drawings picture characters from the manga "Saint Young Men" from Hikaru Nakamura
At first I found it pretty boring because there were lots of speech bubble and details to notice, but the more I continued the more I loved it. I actually like Judas, Mâra and Lucifer quite alot because they are all picturing demons, or at least bad characters, but they have something cute or nice about their personality that's... idk how to say I just want to pat their head.
And of these three characters my favorite is Judas, even though he didn't appear much, I just find him cute in a way;;;;;

So, err, sorry for the not-so-elaborate drawing, I didn't want to draw my own characters, and I have difficulties to draw fanarts because trying to "suit" other characters than mine is not my cup of tea.

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Ahah not at all, I'm not even taking commissions atm either o(-< sorry!;
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Thank you very much ;//H//;
Ooh yes I actually do AT, but for the moment I think I should avoid em... My finals exams are pretty close and I have also others projects I have to work on....(*lazy*)
Sorry ; - ;
ParkaPassions Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's alright, I understand.  Final exams certainly take priority. :)
If you are available for a trade later on,let me know
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I love your art style~:happybounce: 
so I Added to my devWatch!  
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