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Emma Skulley
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
17 years-old girl who like to spend time to draw and sleep.

I'm more active on my Facebook page, for those who would see more of my art!

You can also follow me on:



- TUMBLR (not posting a lot tho) =>

- PIXIV =>…

I still don't do Commissions. But I'll surely open something bout them. I guess.

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SDR2 - Ultimate What by Nacura-G
SDR2 - Ultimate What
It's been a month people, and sorry, it's not a very detailed illustration this time.

I really want to draw a comic one day and I sometimes forget to train myself, so it might not be the best, maybe it's not even funny, but I did all I could... >m<
I know Komaeda was "aware" of Hinata's role as a protagonist, but I'm not sure he would ever think that was his talent all along. But you know, that's still something someone like Komaeda would never ever have-

I love them both, surely Hinata more than Komaeda, but my love for them is... very different. Ahah-

(Komaeda Nagito & Hinata Hajime - Super Dangan Ronpa 2)
:Quiescence of the Mind: by Nacura-G
:Quiescence of the Mind:
I can remember this drawing I made of him years ago, called "Filling the Void" I think, and then I noticed that he was the OC with the most colorful palettes when I draw him. Which is weird coming from my most unhappy, if not depressed, character.

I don't know what's going on lately, I've been drawing a lot! But I think it's because I find more time to draw when I'm skipping class. I'm not a very good person...
I'm not so proud of the drawing itself but I really like the colors I used.

I don't know if I should switch on the Mature Content however, I think I should, but I'm not sure enough...

(Akito Hamano - OCs)
:Hall of Dream Great Mausoleum: by Nacura-G
:Hall of Dream Great Mausoleum:
I drew my favourite Touhou girl, finally!
... Well, at least one of them...

Aah, Mononobe no Futo... She caught my eyes with her (over)confident look and posture on her sprite... And her theme is really great too. I'm not too fond of the fifth stage music itself, but the boss theme, really rad.
I also didn't like much Ten Desires by the past, but in the end, I think I am also really fond of the setting itself.

The drawing didn't take me as much time as some others, I think I'm more confident when I have to finish a drawing. Or maybe it's just me.
I actually wanted to add waterlilies bu I feared it would be too much on the lower part... So I skipped this part. *coughs*
I'm talking too much; Hope you'll enjoy it! 

(Soga no Tojiko & Mononobe no Futo - Touhou)
Tagged by :iconmeccchi: a dozen days ago, I was thinking about it too much and didn't start it before, my bad.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.

Sooo I edited it and will just do like Mecchi did, eight facts for each of them;!

CHEEBS BaW Yarran Myndee by Nacura-G
Yarran & Myndee

1) He has some deep scars on his arms (torso and neck too) because he once tried to force Myndee into sexual intercourses (because he was soo frustrated), but she got to beat him like shit. He did regret his behavior alot.
2) He's sterile and put a lot of pressure on him for "being talented and charming but can't even ensure descendants like he should". It makes him very unconfident but is working on it to let it go.
3) He's not very fast at running but likes to climb to trees and have a good view.
4) As a male, he's very polite and would do pretty much anything if one tells him to. 
5) He only eats when he think he deserves it (if no one is here for him he might not even eat at all), but is worried if someone close forget to eat.
6) He's second-right handed when it comes to writing.
7) He had lots of sexual partners by the past, but would feel bad if he had to meet them in the present days.
8) He's very passionate when he's cooking and would never pay attention to anything but the meal until it's finished.


1) She likes to get drunk from times to times, it's also the easiest way to see her smile.
2) She wish she could wear more skirts and dresses and colorful clothes, but she feels better in her everyday clothes, feeling too ugly otherwise.
3) She really love children and would love to raise some by herself (and with Yarran), but since it's pretty complicated, she try to be as close to children as she cans.
4) As a female she has a very insatiable hunger, but she's actually less of a 'stomach on legs' than others; Because of that, she often eat other people's dishes without noticing.
5) However, she doesn't control her strenght and can bite to blood (or even eat flesh, yummy) if she ever try to bite.
6) She's not used to tell her thoughts or doubts to people and get easily angry and violent if she's not in the mood, thinking that's the only way to feel better.
7) When she was younger, she had a hard time with some 'crows', and now has difficulties to trust them.
8) When she sees playgrounds, she'll feel like a child again, and play until tired or bored to death.

I'm not really into tagging people and even if it's not eight, I don't really want to tag more... srry;;;
(Je vous impose aucun OC, prenez celui qui vous inspire le plus;; )

1- :iconscreamingdawn: 
2- :iconnieruu:
3- :iconkura-ouji: 
4- :iconhellowizz: 
:Mind Sisters: by Nacura-G
:Mind Sisters:
I haven't drawn a single Touhou fanart in ages!!;;;;;;
I recently started to play Touhou and now it's hard to get rid of it... For the musics and the game, especially;;;;
But I really like Touhou game;

The Komeiji aren't my favorite ones at all, but Subterranean Animism is one of the game I liked the most (even though I could hardly beat the fifth boss in easy mode, what a shame)! 
I think I'll try to draw my favorite too, but I'm not very sure of when or if I'll ever post it here... 

Hope you'll like it! <3

Satori Komeiji & Koishi Komeiji - ZUN (Touhou)

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